13 New Educational Terms Defined in Pictures (New? Teachers Don’t Think So!)

1. Blended Learning- Whether defined as a mix of Technology and Paper/Pencil or a mix of Learning In and Out of School (watch a TV Special at home/ write a summary), students have been a part of Blended Learning for years…..


2. Flipped Classroom– Students learn subject matter at home to provide more discussion for understanding time in the classroom………hmmmmm


3. BYOD- Bring Your Own Device……parents have been providing devices for years….


4. Reform- Term to define when politicians and their cronies discuss their ideas to improve education and provide a revolutionary plan.


5. Charter School- (See #4 Reform)…..when you mix business and politics with education…..the question is what is more important- the bottom line, or your child’s education?


6. CMS- Course Management System……says it all…….


7. Inclusion- to include all students in activities? Now there’s an original idea to education……


8. Interactive Whiteboard- a giant board where a student can work out or demonstrate a solution? Who would have thought……

Inter board

9. Open Educational Resource- a place where students and colleagues can share teaching/ learning materials…….


10. Small Learning Community- Revolutionary idea of working in small groups…….

Small group

11. Tier 1-2-3 Intervention- The idea that students may need little, some, or lots of extra help…….


12. Learning Environment- Whether it’s the school or the classroom, the Learning Environment lives on……

learning envir

13. Performance Pay- As if the expression of “I got it” wasn’t enough, simply put a letter of thanks confirms a teacher’s performance is above and beyond……

letter1 letter2

Obviously, this was written with a bit of sarcasm. Contrary to what mass media is promoting, there are many dedicated teachers who have been doing an OUTSTANDING job of educating our children. Using new terms to describe ideas already in place can only fool so many. I am not against technology. On the contrary, I wish to promote it in education. However, it must be understood that technology is another tool that can make the teacher-student relationship more effective when used properly. Simply replacing a hammer with a nail gun does not make a better carpenter, and in the same mold, better technology tools do not guarantee a better education. Don’t believe the hype– Education in America is strong, and will continue with our move to Technology!