I left my career as a teacher after dedicating 15 years to my 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students.  To this day, I consider each and every one of them to be an extended part of my family- my kids. Let’s just say that the unfortunate move out of the classroom was one due to circumstances of life and family, not one that was wanted.  I currently continue to work in education in a role similar to consulting on bringing technology into the classrooms for the students and teachers. Technology is just part of the answer, a tool to provide the best in education.  It will lead to an educational revolution for teaching and learning when all pieces are brought together.  It is exciting and humbling to be a part of thought leadership in education.  In the end, it is simply about the student and teacher- if the focus is anything else, we will have failed.

Other posts will simply be about my life, my kids, and my thoughts. I am just another person trying my best to be a good contributor to society as a whole. I try to always look at all angles and be cognizant that there are reasons for every success and failure. I would not want to walk in everyone’s shoes, because many have walked a path that would crush most. I am opinionated and passionate about my views, but am willing to listen and change as long as someone shows me a different angle. In the end, my life is simply about providing my kids with the best foundation for their future. I want nothing but the best for them, but it will be up to them in the end!


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