Drinking Games  – Jamaica Ponder

This photo is NOT photo-shopped! Your eyes are not deceiving you! 

While I debated whether or not to reBlog, I took the time to read the comments that this high school blogger was receiving. While I find it incomprehensible that people would develop and play this modified version of Beer Pong, the comments left on the original blog bring a new low. As you read the original blog from a high school student (be inspired by her actions and bravery), pay close attention to the multiple lessons you may teach your kids about the world they are growing up in: Underage Drinking Issues, Social Media Issues, Racism Tolerance/Intolerance, and most importantly Blind Ignorance. While many will be disappointed by what is seen in the photo, I will be inspired by the actions of this blogger.

Hey again! Today I’m coming to you live from the futon in my room with some fresh off the boat debauchery straight from the students of Princeton High School. This here is even more appalling…

Source: Drinking Games  – Jamaica Ponder


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