Life Being Unemployed….(Week 4-5)

Well…..Life goes on…….

The interesting part of being unemployed is the daily, no hourly, changes of emotions that one can go through. You will be relaxed and confident at one point, only to find yourself wondering if everything will be alright? The surprising fact is that there is nothing that causes the change, other than your mind thinking about it. As a coach- it is understood that the ‘game’ is 95% mental- and I am realizing that this translates into all life situations.

This update is going to be short and sweet, as I want to keep ahead in the mental game at this point- and understand that I have a lot to be thankful for right now. While I have not secured my next path to journey, I know that other colleagues have, and I am thankful for that. I have had some great conversations with past colleagues and friends, but I am most thankful for the opportunities that have been given me to interview for positions. I understand that there are plenty of candidates to choose from, and each time I am chosen, I count it as a blessing.

The next few days or weeks should be very interesting as the process continues, and I hope to be able to position myself as the candidate to be chosen. I am thankful that these are positions that interest me and intrigue me to want to pursue this path. I want to be passionate about my role and the positive impact that the product/company can make in the educational field. It is important to have purpose behind your work and your career path. No matter what some may say, I believe that your trust and support behind your work is transparent, and I want others to know that they have a trusted partner with me.

With the Thanksgiving holidays fast approaching, I am extra thankful in my thoughts and feelings as I progress through this phase of unemployment. I still have moments of doubt that creep into my mind, but I understand that these thoughts are not based in reality. They are based in an environment created due to the holidays upcoming, and the joy one is to experience with their families during this time and providing for one’s family. I will not allow my current situation to dampen the uplifting atmosphere of the Christmas Season for me. This has always been my favorite time of year, and one that I hope to have an extra reason to celebrate, and be thankful for.

Thank you to all who have reached out to me personally and taken the time to have a call. Thank you to all who have messaged me privately. Please Like, Share, and Comment as you wish!

I will look to update after Thanksgiving! I wish everyone a family/friends filled Thanksgiving Week/Weekend!

Life being unemployed…(Week 3)

Family! Option #1 in Life!

At what point is it time to panic?

I have a reputation of staying calm under pressure. My years playing quarterback in high school and college were key in developing this mindset. The ever changing atmosphere occurring throughout a football game demands a QB that will remain calm and lead his team no matter the situation. Yet, here I am only 3 weeks into this unique situation of being unemployed, with a feeling of uneasiness knowing that he has a family to support.

The messages and conversations with colleagues and friends continue to happen with all of them ending with the same encouraging message of ‘You will be a huge asset to the next opportunity that comes your way. You will land on your feet quickly.’ It is great to hear, but yet, there is a part of me that wonders about the unknown- when and where will the next opportunity come about?

So what is one to do about the negative mindset that is always lurking in the shadows? For me- it is to focus on the positive facts that are present all around me. I have had some great conversations with recruiters and past colleagues with some opportunities that may be promising. I also had one of my blogs 10 Thoughts a Teacher Hopes All Parents Know featured in the writing of Joey Helleny here where he discusses how to Make Your Employees Proud! Where he supports that ask of your employees “Are you proud of where you work?”

“Are you Proud…” is a simple question that I continue to ask of myself and my team as I lead them. It started as a personal philosophy in the classroom with my students that allowed me to judge their work individually rather than my preconceived notions of what I believe was great work. It is a simple question that people are honest about. While I tended to keep a very high bar of success for my students and my team- it is only fair that the end judgement is based on their individual gains, improvements, and successes. If individuals are proud of their work, proud of their team, and proud of their company- success is inevitable, and customer success is manageable.

So every day- I have incorporated the same philosophy into my current situation. My current situation just happens to focus on pursuing opportunities and taking care of the family chores. I have focused on doing my best to create and find opportunities towards the next chapter in my life, but also to help complete the necessary chores around the house when time is available. It allows me to accomplish tasks rather than sit around and lose myself in negative thoughts. It keeps me fresh with my habits of creating task lists, and following up when necessary.

I am also taking the opportunity to focus on my time with my family. To enjoy the little things that make memories. Without the hustle and bustle of everyday demands of work- I have enjoyed watching my son play HS football- as his team is now ranked #1 in New Jersey! I have enjoyed my time driving my daughter to her dance classes, even though sometimes it means a 45 minute drive to drop off, then pick up- both ways! Work/Life balance has always been important to me, and I appreciated the balance given to me by HMH- as I rarely missed anything of significance! But in times like these- I have more appreciation for it!

So as week 3 ended, and week 4 begins- Is it time to panic? Not at all…… I have some great conversations and possible opportunities to look forward to. This will be a marathon, and not a sprint, and I understand this. There are thousands of others who are in the same boat as I am- and there are many people who are great candidates just like me (Heck, I have a short list of great colleagues, also laid off, whom I would build a team with today if given the opportunity!) I just need to continue to wake up everyday, look into the mirror and ask:

Am I Proud? You bet I am!

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